What  people  are  saying…

“…the relationship between composer and director of a film is a very delicate affair. I must say that right from the start Nic. and I were in total harmony. What he was able to do for the film is nothing short of a miracle (as all great music is). From the composing, to conducting an orchestra, and finally scoring the film, Nic. tenBroek approached the work with humility, tireless enthusiasm, and artistic inspiration…” — Robert Davi, Director “The Dukes”

“…Nic. brought a great tone to the movie…the score adds a real lushness…” — Jeff Bridges

“…the best music we’ve had around here since James Horner…” — Roger Corman

“…it’s a distinct pleasure to hear how effectively tenBroek has used written and improvised passages to underscore both the picture’s intimate character and it’s full range of Los Angeles settings…the music has a life of its own. So much of a life, that – heard on the film’s soundtrack album – it surfaces as an appealing jazz recording, completely apart from its excellence as a film score.”  — Don Heckman, International Review of Music/Film Review

“…I’ve worked with some of the best composers and arrangers in the last 40 years and Nic. tenBroek is without a doubt one of the best ever!…” — Val Garay, Grammy Award winning record producer